COSTUME COSTUME is a collective project investigating costume jewelry as subject. This category of jewelry represents a vast range of styles, qualities and designs and almost always refers to a type of jewelry that is mass produced and affordable. The original intention of costume jewelry is not to become collectibles or heirlooms but to be fashionable and dispensable when the trend passes. Frequently this jewelry is a mimicry of existing unattainable luxury jewelry or simply of a notion of traditional jewelry. By replication and alteration we seek to further remove the simulated jewelry from its origin, thus costuming the costumed.... COSTUME COSTUME.
We are launching COSTUME COSTUME December 2nd in Portland!
Come celebrate 6-10pm
328 NW Broadway #114
Portland, OR
Jewelers participating at tractor:
Anna Hinkes
Courtney Kemp
Erin Gardner
Julia Morris
Thyra Bessette
Theresa Sterner
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