Sienna Gallery
Lenox, Massachusetts + Online
July 4 - August 31
COSTUME COSTUME is a collection of work made by emerging contemporary art jewelers. It is an exploration of costume jewelry as subject; jewelry about jewelry.
This project started last April with Sienna Gallery at the international exposition of Sculpture Object + Functional Art (SOFA) in New York. We invited the public to try on our jewelry collection and step into the Costume Costume photo booth for a souvenir photo-strip.
Read the reviews from the SOFA NY project!
What's Happening? [Part Three] by Timothy McMahon
Notes on SOFA NY by Damian Skinner
Artists involved include Sarah Abramson, Mikael Arsjö, Kate Bauman, Michael Dale Bernard, Thyra Bessette, Allyson Bone, Jenny Bradley, Raissa Bump, Sarah Kate Burgess, Alice Jee Chung, David Choi, Meg Drinkwater, Anne M. Fiala, Erin Gardner, Maricha Genovese, Anna Hinkes, Rory Hooper, Soyeon Kim, Courtney Kemp, Seohee Koh, Tara Locklear, Sarah Loertscher, Julia Elizabeth Louise, Edgar Mosa. Jimin Park, Mary Hallam Pearse, RT Peters, Katie Poterala, Cynthia Rohrer, Earl Ross, Leslie Skalin, Theresa Sterner, Monika Strasser, Kristi Sword, Islay Taylor, Melissa Tolar, Stephanie Tomczak, Ben Ulsh

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