Love is not unlike science, wouldn’t you agree? Both are mysterious, inexplicable and uncontrollable… and each time we convince ourselves otherwise, they both make fools of us! With each impossibility that is defied a new reality is forged; leaving our perception of the world forever altered. We understand little about love or science, but we claim to know truths and realities. Our theories always prove faulty, and yet still we believe. For our faith we are rewarded with awe.

Bismuth, atomic number 83, is one billion years older than the universe. It is a metallic element with some interesting properties. When conditions are just right, impossibilities become realities. What better a metaphor for love? So for Valentines Day TOP has made (with much trial and error) a limited edition of these love crystals. There is no way to replicate these pieces with any exactness and in fact getting one at all could at times seem miraculous (just like love right?). Buy one for your sweetheart, nothing is quite like it. A diamond is forever, but bismuth is for way longer.

This is a limited edition project for lovers..................................
We made the metal bismuth crystals in our studio! Half of the crystals came out with color & half are white. Each piece is one of a kind and available for purchase through Supermarket for a limited time. http://supermarkethq.com/designer/3005/collection/3859

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