SHARE 14 - Mistakes Were Made

We just sent 21 rings to be cast! "Mistakes Were Made" rings are the result of our participation in SHARE 14!

SHARE is a bi-monthly event in Portland, Oregon that brings a small group of artists together to create in a shared space. We were excited to be asked to participate! AND we are excited about the outcome! We had two hours to create from the one-word prompt, CRASH.

“CRASH” sent us spiraling in a number of different directions. We had spent the week working on a product line for Valentine's Day, thus we both thought about crash related to love and romance. Then, we thought about opposing forces and what happens when they connect. We thought about objects crashing physically and conceptually. We thought about cars crashing, waves crashing and worlds crashing. We thought about noise and violence. Really, there were a lot of places we could go. Our resulting projects were two different studies that considered these themes.

Making wax models is the first step in casting metal jewelry. In our case, we often make rubber molds of existing jewelry and inject the molds with wax over and over again. Generally, we manipulate the original in some way after the model is cast in metal. It is not always possible to pull the perfect wax model out of a mold so we are left with many, many rejects. Some are near perfect, some are hardly recognizable and others are anywhere in between. They are all accidents. We used these accidental waxes to create a variety of forms and objects which will be cast in bronze and silver.

View additional images of waxes, studies, ect. made by us at SHARE 14:

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